Personalized items make wonderful gifts because they are are mementos of special occasions and cherished moments. Personalizing an item can be as simple as adding someone's name to a keepsake box, adding a new baby's birth date, height and weight, and the parent's names to a bib or announcement, or adding your child's name to a birthday T-shirt or button! Perhaps you see a design  in our store that is on a T-shirt but not the mousepad you want. Just ask us and we'll add that design on the product you want!  If you want T-shirts designed for a wedding party or a family reunion, just email us at with your request and we'll be happy to help you  create that "personal" item you want. We have created a few items as samples so that you can see some of the ways we've come up with to personalize items. Personalized tote bags can be filled with birthday surprises, gardening tools and potting soil, books, or other matching items for a great gift! Inserting a piece of jewelry, an ornament or a special message to the recipient of a personalized keepsake box is always a cherished gift. Adding a ribbon bow with hot glue to a tile coaster and a hook for hanging is a great way to display it!  The possibilities of being creative are endless! We hope you will have a good experience shopping with us!

Remember, we do not charge for custom design and personalization! Clicking on an item photo will take you to a new page with larger photos for better viewing!